Flex Calibur

Flex Calibur

Flex Calibur was created and produced by a 4-man wrecking crew: Chris Burns, Bob Fox, Gary Doodles and Tommy Sica.

Storyboards by: Chris Burns

Designs by: Chris Burns

Special Effects: by Bob Fox

Animation by: Exit 73 Studios

Written by: Tommy Sica and Gary Doodles

Songs Written by: Tommy Sica and Gary Doodles

Additional Storyboards: by Gary Doodles

Music by: Tommy Sica

Sound Design and Mix by: Tommy Sica

Additional Lead Guitar by: Joe Salvatore

Additional Mixing by Randy: Pasquarella


Flex Calibur (speaking) – Tara Novick

Flex Calibur (singing) – John Bush

Crom – RicePirate (Mick Lauer)

Gods / Demons / Rookie / Ogre #1 & #2 – Tommy Sica

Ogre #3 – Gary Doodles

Demon Groupies – Cassandra Sica Backup Vocals – Kristen Elmi


Concept Art, Original IP, Traditional Animation